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To introduce participants to cooperation topic. To discuss the importance of agreements.



20–45 minutes.



Pens, paper, post it, and task sheet.



  • The participants are split into 4 groups, Each group has the same number of group members;
  • The participants receive instruction sheets. Each group has to read the instructions carefully. The presenter devotes time to thoroughly explain the task;
  • Each group has to decide what to choose for each stage – X or Y. The score depends on the choice of each group;
  • Groups have to decide what to select X or Y. Complete 2 -3 rounds so that participants have a better grasp of the scoring system. Each group has to count their own points. The workshop host counts scores of each group separately, however, does not reveal them till the end of the task;
  • Conduct a 2-minute meeting where one representative of each group should meet with other groups in order to decide cooperation strategy. Representatives return to their groups and relate the decisions that took place in the meetings;
  • Additional 2-3 rounds are played;
  • Then repeat point 5.

Task solution:

If all groups write the Y, you can score the most, because only when all groups select Y the total score is greater than 0. The main idea of the task – the groups start to compete with each other in order to get a higher score. The overall benefit of cooperation is often ignored and agreements tend to be broken.



How did you feel after the task?

Was it easy to cooperate?

Was it easy to reach a common group decision? Reach agreements during meetings?

Was it easy to follow agreements?

Did you cheat?



In order to provoke the participants, the leader can increase the round number after the results of 3 rounds and making public that 4 round is special. The results of the 4th round will be multiplied by 10. If there are participants who have experience of this task before they are asked to become observers.



After this task you can introduce the participants to the theoretical aspects of cross-sectorial cooperation,  and identify the main obstacles to effective cooperation. Possibly, discuss the importance of agreements.


Task sheet for participants:


  1. Objective: You have to earn as much as possible
  2. You are working in 4 groups.
  3. The game will last from 8 to 12 rounds.
  4. Groups have to make a decision for each round and write it down on a post it. Pass the post it to the trainers.
  5. Your choice has to be either X or Y.
  6. Each group can win or lose at the end of each round.
  7. After each round the results are calculated. The results depend on the choices of all 4 groups as presented in the table below.

Score table

4 groups decision, possible options Score table
4X -10
3X+1Y +10 -30
2X+2Y +20 -20
1X+3Y +30 -10
4Y +10
  1. After some of the rounds you receive additional information. The additional information doesn’t have any impact for the structure of the game, but will have an impact on the score.
  2. Each group has to make note of their score balance after each round (how much you gained or lost). This will help to see the final result at the end of the game.

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