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This is a simple activity that explores individual values; it can be linked to other activities to expand a particular theme. It will be familiar to a lot of readers so be creative in how and when to use it.



Varies depending on the topic



Sheets of A4 coloured card on which are written AGREE and DISAGREE.



  1. The Facilitator places the two A4 cards at opposite ends of the room and explains that participants should imagine a line between the two.
  2. The Facilitator reads out a statement and invites the participants to stand up and place themselves along the line to reflect their position relative to the statement. Depending on the programme, statements may have already been agreed with the organisation but if not here are some examples: “Our government should stop accepting any more refugees.”; “The future belongs to young people, so people over 65 should no longer have the vote.”; “People who identify as trans should be allowed to use toilets of their choice in public buildings.”. Any question can be used.
  3. The Facilitator invites participants to explain why they are standing in a particular position.
  4. When everyone who wants to speak has spoken, the Facilitator invites participants to move if they wish to change their positions.
  5. Movers are invited to offer an explanation for their change. (10 minutes)


DISCUSSION (about 25 – 30 minutes)

Facilitate a discussion that addresses the issues involved. Examples could include:

  1. “How easy was it to take a position?”
  2. “Did you manage to persuade others to change position and join you?”
  3. “How did you fell about the topics?”


EVALUATION (10 minutes)

The Facilitator should encourage every participant to contribute to this section.

QUESTION: “Why might this ACTIVITY be relevant to your organisation?”



  1. Depending on the group, it might be relevant to use the ACTIVITY to explore issues that are significant in their reality at either a national or municipal level.
  2. How would the group use this ACTIVITY in the future and would they make changes? Capture, record, circulate.

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