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To analyse activities of institutions and organizations in your territory. Identify potential partners for cooperation. To analyse existing problems.



30-40 minutes. Implement analysis and prepare the posters.

30 min. presentations and discussions



Flipchart paper, pens and markers.

In addition, the collage technique can be used. In this case you will also need magazines, scissors and glue



Participants are given the task to create a social map of a town or municipality. Groups draw a map which displays:

  1. infrastructure devoted to young people (schools, sports fields, parks , etc.);
  2. organizations and institutions, working with young people, people who initiate gatherings of young people;
  3. grey areas – areas which are labelled as negative or controversial by the community or the public (lake side, back alleys and etc.).



What has surprised you when you analysed your town/ district?

What have you discovered?

What would you like to change in your community?

Have you identified cooperation opportunities? With whom?

With which institutions and organizations might you have potential conflicts of interest?




Often participants focus on infrastructure, because it is the easiest to identify in this task. Participants may access the creation of a map and draw attention to two other aspects. Therefore, when participants are conducting the task, we suggest checking their progress, and hinting that they should spend more time on parts b) and c). If all the participants are from the same community, the task could be divided into aspects and questions.



Further analysis of the issues, and planning solutions. A Power mapping analysis of who holds the most power and has the ability to influence the current, and future, situations in the municipality.

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