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To identify the steps of preparation and presentation plan. To build confidence in the presentation skills. To learn public speaking.



120 minutes



Paper sheets and pens.



Participants are assigned roles – 1 presenter, 2 observers and 3 representatives of institutions or partners. If there is an excess number of participants, then the number of observers and representatives/partners can be increased.

Groups select a topic or an issue on which they will prepare for the debate. Give at least 30 minutes for the presenters to learn about the issue, create a presentation plan and deliver presentation.

After the roles are assigned, the preparation for presenting begins. Representatives of institutions or partners come up with questions they will be asking the presenter.

Simulation starts after preparation, which can last for 10-30 minutes. Presenter begins to deliver their presentation, and discussion about the idea takes place. Observers cannot take part in the discussion. Reflection starts after discussion



Questions for everyone:

  • How do you feel after the task?
  • Were you well prepared to answer the questions?
  • What have you learned /understood?

Questions for presenter:

  • How do you feel after presenting the idea?
  • What needs to be changed/ improved?
  • Were you well prepared to answer the questions?

Questions for representatives of institutions and partners:

  • Was it easy to understand the idea?
  • Was it easy to come up with questions?
  • Were you well prepared to answer the questions?

Questions for observers:

  • Can you reveal several positive aspects about the presenter that you have noticed? What did they do well? Was there a clear logic and structure in their presentation?

How could the presenter improve their presentation?



Participants should be divided in such a way that when the task is being repeated, each person should have tried all the roles. If there is a time constraint, we would suggest that the presenter’s role be assigned to someone who in real life conditions would not present their own ideas to other persons or institutions.

Representatives of institutions or partners should not be aware of the presented idea, or at least not be very familiar with it; however, they should be aware to some extent about the context of implementation (eg. if the purpose of the proposed idea is to increase funding from the municipal budget for youth organizations, the representatives of institutions should have some understanding of the principles of municipal activities and opportunities).



After this task you can continue to improve the presentation of ideas, review the idea representation plan and adjust it according to the suggestions that have been made

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