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This ACTIVITY is a simple device to release positive thinking. It is action-oriented, so requires ideas that the group can get involved with straight away. Ideas for consideration should be negative ones identified before this ACTIVITY using TEAM THINK, GENERATOR or a conventional Brainstorming session. This ACTIVITY can be used to create material that could then be used in, for example, CLUSTER MAPPING as a means of taking a project to the next phase.



90 minutes.



A4 sheets of coloured paper. (four colours for every participant)

Sheets of A4 white paper with pre-printed statements/words. (the negative ones referred to above)



  1. The participants are each given a sheet of coloured paper.
  2. The Facilitator reads out the statement/word on their sheet, for example, if the group are considering the issue of blockages that impede youth participation then the words might be “Obstructive adults”.
  3. The participants are told they have 5 minutes, working on their own, to write on their sheet suggestions for challenging “Obstructive adults”.
  4. Participants are then told to fold their paper into the shape of an aeroplane; when all are folded, the Facilitator nominates a corner of the room and all planes are launched there. This AIRPORT is marked with the appropriate white sheet statement. (3 minutes)
  5. The group moves over to the AIRPORT and each participant picks up a plane (not their own).
  6. Each person takes a turn to read the remarks on their chosen plane; the group spends no more than 3 minutes in discussion per plane. (60 minutes if 20 participants)
  7. At this stage, the Facilitator needs to exercise their judgement: either to check with the group if they want to repeat stages 2 – 6 with a new issue; or, if they think the group needs to move on to another ACTIVITY (maybe using CLUSTER MAPPING or TASK MATRIX, to develop their ideas), recommend that they can return to AIRPORT elsewhere in the programme and consider a new issue. (2 minutes)


DISCUSSION (no more than 10minutes)

  1. The discussion takes place at stage 6.
  2. Ask if they think there is further information needed, maybe from other sources, before they could recommend moving on to ACTION PLANNING.


EVALUATION (10 minutes)

  1. Ask how the participants felt doing AIRPORT? (for example, did they feel silly making paper planes? Silly is ok because play is an important learning tool)
  2. “Is AIRPORT effective and relevant for the use to which it is put?”



How would the group use this ACTIVITY in the future and would they make changes? Capture, record, circulate.

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